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I guarantee they are not colony-raising on a commercial scale. If you lose half your market animals to the local feral or wild predators and all their buddies, it'll be YOU going hungry. Rabbit Diseases. Understand and manage the most frequently encountered rabbit diseases, parasites, infections, and non-infectious challenges to rabbit health. Keep Your Rabbits Healthy.

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Barn conditions and rabbit husbandry practices that contribute to herd health. Feeding Rabbits. Breeding Rabbits. Cooling Rabbits Keeping rabbits cool in hot climates is essential for the survival of your rabbits.

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Rabbits are quiet, timid, and unobtrusive. In other words, rabbit farming is easy on the neighbors, as long as you keep the flies under control. Keep a few chickens , ducks or both, to snap the flies out of the air and to devour the fly maggots and other insects before their numbers get out of hand.

There's a huge benefit to this last suggestion - "free" eggs! Fly Predators are a fabulous and very effective way to wipe out your fly population.

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  • It's safe, non-poisonous, and completely natural. Ammonia smell in animal urine can be dangerous to your animals, so eliminating ammonia odors is essential. And all the better if it's easy to do.

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    Learn more at Ammonia Levels , or Rabbit Manure Collection. Rabbit farming results in lots of manure. Some outdoor systems allow the rabbit manure to fall to the ground, where it can be shoveled before the piles grow too large. But, we wanted to bring your attention to an ingenious manure collection system that our friend Lisa in Connecticut set up.

    Maybe something like this could simplify your life, too? Do not for a minute underestimate the capability , brute strength, and determination of raccoons, coyotes, foxes, weasels, bears, eagles, hawks, mountain lions, snakes, rats, and other predators to rip a flimsy rabbit hutch to pieces and help themselves to the rabbit s inside the hutch. Rabbit farming is not a "Get Rich Quick" scheme. But the more products that your rabbit farm can market, the more likely it is that you may eventually make your hobby a profitable one, and then quit your day job.

    Note that there may be state and federal regulations that apply to your enterprise. Be sure to do your due diligence and educate yourself as to the applicable laws and regulations in your state, province, or region. Killing Rabbits Butcher your meat rabbits or euthanize your culls. Slaughtering Rabbits how to remove the rabbit pelt, clean the rabbit carcass and cut up the rabbit meat.

    The set of orange Buck knives is what I use they're razor sharp and have non-skid coating :. Are you of the opinion that butchering rabbits is cruel? That humans don't need meat? That we're herbivores by nature? How do I know? There is not a single human on this planet that can digest the complex cellulose in plants. And in fact, neither can herbivores. But true herbivores utilize armies of bacteria and other life forms to do the digesting for them, mechanisms that humans will never be able to employ.

    Eating only plants eventually exposes humans to insurmountable nutritional shortfalls that can become crippling or fatal, if one does not eat additional nutritional supplements. It cannot be considered cruel to butcher and eat meat when consumption of animal protein is a requirement of the human body for long-term health. Have we evolved beyond the point where we need to kill in order to eat, as some believe?

    The fact that dietary vitamin supplements are essential for vegans to remain healthy is stark proof that a vegan diet is inadequate for long-term health. Jamieson's conclusion: "I believe there is a middle way. There is no ONE way that everyone should live or eat. People can still love animals and care about protecting the environment AND honor their own animal bodies and consume the foods that they need.

    We're omnivores. There is no shame in accepting the truth. Learn more about animal rights, animal welfare, and human health here. Raising-Rabbits Store. Rabbit Resources. Your comments or experiences can help others who read them.

    So, comment away, and if you have pictures, you can post up to four of them. Pictures are always helpful. Have questions?

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    Perhaps your question was already asked, and answered, below. If not, Karen has answered hundreds of your questions in her book: Rabbit Raising Problem Solver , covering every aspect of pet rabbit and livestock rabbit care as well as rabbit health and disease. We recommend it! Close Help.

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