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What is Greenwashing?

Whitemore lays on the unremarkable-ness a touch thick but it serves to contrast both with their exciting new best mates Helen and Peter Kroger and the crazy turn their lives take when MI6 man Stewart enters their lives. In a nutshell the drama - based on true-life events - is rooted in the are-they-aren't-they? But Pack of Lies is really a ethics piece about the nature of deceit — and whether one should take a Kantian view that lies are always wrong or whether lying can be the moral choice to serve a greater good.

To be honest the answer is left rather hanging — but no matter, as the drama is played out with such good humour and an almost palpable Britishness which connects with the audience. Barbara Jackson — played by Judi Dench's daughter Finty Williams — is superb as the ultimately conflicted suburban mum delivering some of the best lines as the play moves to its endgame.

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Interestingly the play was hammered on Broadway on its initial run in the 80s and this is almost certainly down to its Britishness. Some of the most thoughtful drama happens in the spaces between the lines - those peculiarly British pauses of embarrassment, self-consciousness, and manners - played out superbly in the threesome set-pieces between husband, wife and cuckoo-in-the-nest police officers who take over the Jacksons' home to spy on their neighbours. But we want to be transparent from the very beginning of our journey and encourage other brands in the skincare.

We want to make it easier for people to be aware of their impact on the environment and be able to make more informed decisions about what they spend their money on.

But how can we be, if companies aren't being clear as to what is in their products and packaging? The beauty sector generated over billion units of packaging last year — most of which ended up in landfill or the ocean. However, some brands in the skincare space promote the fact that they are doing their part to help tackle this issue.

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Some brands have initiatives that support the conservation of the sea and keeping beaches free of plastic. Some brands partner with charities to help fight plastic pollution.

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Some brands have launched marketing campaigns that highlight the importance of recycling. But are these brands really helping?

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These brands use plastics in most of their packaging. Some brands offer in-store refills for their products. By offering refillable packaging they are merely putting the onus back on customers to recycle their products for them. With that being said, there are brands going above and beyond, making real changes with their products and packaging.

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But from our research, we discovered a lot of brands are reluctant. We have created an easy acronym to help you decide if your go to skincare brand is guilty of greenwashing. Do they clearly label on their website what plastics are recyclable in their products and packaging? Do they have initiatives to raise awareness of plastic consumption but continue selling plastics in their products and packaging?

Do they expect you to recycle their products without reducing plastics in their products and packaging?

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PackOfLies has set up a petition to reduce Greenwashing by demanding brands clearly list on their website how much plastic they use and how much they have currently reduced from their products and packaging. If we can help clean up our industry, we can inspire others to do the same.

Help save our oceans Sign our petition.

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